Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Berni Jo will talk about the "Big-O Show" (Yeosu Expo 2012) at Thea Case Studies Day, April 5 in Anaheim

Thea Case Studies Day on April 5, 2013 showcases the projects that will be honored with Thea Awards at the April 6 gala the following evening. The speakers are project owners and creatives. In connection with the Big-O Show, centerpiece spectacle of Yeosu Expo 2012, which will receive a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement, Berni Jo will talk about the project. Co-presenting with Berni Jo will be Jean-Christophe Canizares, of ECA2. 

Berni Jo was born in Chunchon, South Korea in 1976. He moved to Italy in 1999 and studied architecture and design at University IUAV di Venezia. He began his professional career founding “Berni Associates Architect Studio” in Venice and later moved to Roma to work for Franco Purini as a chief designer.

In 2009, the organizing commitee of Yeosu Expo 2012 recruited him as a master planner. He worked to creating and develop a site that would support positive and memorable guest experiences. He also was involved in the concept and creation of the Expo centerpiece spectacle, the "Big-O Show," from start to finish.

Berni Jo also co-founded the design group 'BIG' in Seoul Korea which continues to work in the field of themed attractions and spectaculars. His representative works include "Yeosu Big-O Show", "Roma Eurosky Building", "Ponte Vespignani", "Pietralata Campus", and "Namhae Memorial Park".

Thea Case Studies Day April 5 is part of the annual, 2-day TEA Summit and TEA's Weekend of Events, culminating with the Thea Awards Gala on April 6. All events take place at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and are organized by the Themed Entertainment Association. Tickets are available now.