Thursday, March 14, 2013

Janice Smith of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame to speak at Thea Case Studies Day April 5 in Anaheim

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is a new, dynamic, 40,000 square-foot facility that celebrates Canada’s sport heroes and legends at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta. It stands as an example of excellence in exhibition design, rich storytelling, media production and interactive technology. The Hall offers unique multi-sensory experiences that immerse visitors in Canada’s sport story.

This project will receive a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement on April 6 at the Thea Awards Gala. The previous day, April 5, it will be showcased at Thea Case Studies Day, by co-presenters Janice Smith of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, Stephen Platenberg of Cortina Productions and Timothy Mansfield of C7A. These dates are all part of TEA's Weekend of Events, April 4-6

Janice Smith
Director, Exhibits, Programming & Visitor Services
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame 
Janice Smith discovered her passion working in the sport history and museum world very early in her thirty year career. Janice has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Museum Studies from the University of Alberta and has worked in Senior management in museums across Canada including the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum located in Hamilton, Ontario and is currently the Director of Exhibits, Programming and Visitor Services for Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Ms. Smith was part of the initial team that built the new Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame that is a recipient of the TEA Award. Janice is also active in many community projects and currently serves as the President of the Canadian Association for Sport Heritage and is on the Executive of the St. Lucia Calgary Cultural Association.